Photography by  Janell Shirtcliff

Photography by Janell Shirtcliff

Colony 2139 unveiled their second store in Osaka, Japan.  The shop is located above Osaka City Station and features a collection of fashion, home and general essentials and inspiration objects for all aspects of modern-day life.  Featured product has been carefully selected by the creative teams at THE GENERAL INC. in Japan and TOWNES in Southern California.

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Chris and Matt of Select Hospitality and Design opened their second restaurant on Santa Monica's Main Street.  The Hinterland, appropriately named for being just inland from the California Coast, serves New American Coastal Cuisine under the direction of head chef, Max DiMare.

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On December 12th, COLONY 2139 opened its first retail shop in Saitama, Japan. This achievement came from the successful cross-boarder collaboration between The General Inc. of Japan  and Townes of Costa Mesa, California on branding, design and product selection.


The Heyward, a New American style restaurant with Charleston-like flair, opened for business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on December 10th. This is the first venture for Chris Brandon and Matt Hechter following their initial partnership in Hudson Clearwater in the West Village of Manhattan.


Ice Energy, a producer of a unique distributive energy storage system, was awarded the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation award for 2014 on November 24th. This followed a 25.6MW thermal energy storage contract award from Southern California Edison earlier in the month.



Lovers' Land opened its doors as a bridal and event oriented retail shop on Toronto, Canada's Ossington Avenue on November 22nd. The shop marks the first in a venture between Yvonne Reidy, Danielle Gulic, Trish Spencer and 080808 Capital.